York approaches staffing intelligently. Learn how our math makes more sense.

We understand there are many staffing agencies—that there are even many good staffing agencies who have countless opportunities to fill open positions. For them, the equation is simple: Open Job + Available Candidate = Job Done.

At York, we specialize in selecting qualified candidates for the positions we're charged to fill. What does that look like for you? As an employer, we understand that an open position costs you every second it isn't filled. But what we also know is that simply filling the position, and not looking at the right fit, can put you back to square one—even possibly behind where you started. We also know that every candidate is a multi-faceted talent and every position is critical to the employer. Factor in candidate experience, home life and schedule challenges compared to the position's expectations, employer environment, culture and company growth...now that's a math problem most of us wouldn't want to tackle!

Job seekers, where will you be in one year, or even six months from now, if the company placing you just sees you as a peg filling a hole? Don't fall victim to the big box staffing agency's simple math. Let's grow together the right way. Learn more about York

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